Ramp up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Is your home no longer the welcoming oasis you dream of when pulling in after a long day at the office? Whether you’ve just moved into your home, are preparing to sell or simply want to ramp up your curb appeal, there’s no better time to get started that today. Follow these recommendations from the professional landscaping gurus to jump start your curb appeal make-over.

The first step is to develop a plan. Stand across the street from you home with a note pad. Make a list of deferred maintenance items and items that need to be updated. Take a critical evaluation of your landscaping and hardscape.  Continue your list with items to be purchased at your local home improvement store. Because this is all outside work, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snag a MLB Shop coupon and select a ball cap or cap with a visor to shield your skin from the sun.

Start with the landscaping. Trim all shrubs to blow the height of the windows. Cut tree branches to at least ten feet above the ground. This will allow grass to grow and light to enter your home. Re-edge beds and apply fresh mulch or pine straw as needed. Select an area at the end of the drive to create a fresh bed for colorful flowers. Power-wash walkways and driveways as needed.

Address any deferred maintenance issue. Reattach gutters and shutters as needed. Apply a fresh coat of paint to shutters and front door that compliments the exterior color of your home. Repair any rotting wood on window sills and frames as needed. Replace welcome mat, house numbers, porch light, mailbox and front door hardware for a new look that won’t break the bank. Select a large planter for the front porch and fill with colorful seasonal flowers.

Finally, shine all the windows on the outside and inside. After just a few weekends of work and no doubt several trips to the local home improvement store, you’ve managed to totally ramp up the curb appeal of your home. It’s time to pour a cool drink and marvel at the transformation. Welcome home!