Importance of social media content strategy

Social media managers can, from time to time, have a hard time creating a steady stream of content. That is where a content strategy comes in. It is the development of a set of guideless as to the content posted on social media. A social media manager needs to be very intentional about what gets posted. Basing content on this makes it easier to create content for years, only making revisions in line with the direction the business is taking.

Why is it important?

Social media for business is not as easy as posting on a whim as one does on personal accounts. The basis of running an account is to engage with the audience and acquiring new customers. How this looks differs from companies, but it is often the bottom line. In light of this, the content needs to achieve this goal. In the same breath, a social media account (and any other marketing content) is an extension of the company. It reflects who you are. Picture a CRA tax return posting an inspirational quote one day and sharing a news clip of a tragedy the next day. Not having a theme to what you post makes your company appear haphazard; if your content follows then a person would perceive you as dependable.

Creating engaging content

The easiest approach to guide your content development is by viewing your company’s communications in the audience eyes. If you were a potential customer, would you like or be interested in the content shared? The first step to this is identifying your audience; this should be part of the process when creating a social media strategy. Here, the nature of the company dictates the voice adopted and woven into the posts.

 What you share should also be helpful and engaging- there are a lot of business vying for audiences’ attention on social media so standing out is crucial. Buyers can afford to be picky, so it is your duty to show them your uniqueness and value-add over your competitors. Sharing content on your blog is one of the ways you can create value add. They will see you as an authority in our industry, an aspect that develops trust. In the case of the example given, the company would sort to share what their audiences ought to know about the company, their business offering and extend essentially free insightful information and tips on the topic.

Wrap up

A content strategy does not only apply to social media but in your other marketing efforts including emails and podcasts. This simple guide will get you on the path to creating content that appeals to your target market and equally helps you meet your target in lead generation.